output = loremIpsum({
count: 1 // Number of words, sentences, or paragraphs to generate.
, units: 'sentences' // Generate words, sentences, or paragraphs.
, sentenceLowerBound: 5 // Minimum words per sentence.
, sentenceUpperBound: 15 // Maximum words per sentence.
, paragraphLowerBound: 3 // Minimum sentences per paragraph.
, paragraphUpperBound: 7 // Maximum sentences per paragraph.
, format: 'plain' // Plain text or html
, words: ['ad', 'dolor', ... ] // Custom word dictionary. Uses dictionary.words (in lib/dictionary.js) by default.
, random: Math.random // A PRNG function. Uses Math.random by default
, suffix: EOL // The character to insert between paragraphs. Defaults to default EOL for your OS.

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